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Rentals arrive at your private dock or the public marina nearest you,

Allow your family the convenience of delivery.  All we need is a location and you will experience on time delivery to your private location.  If you do not have a private dock we can suggest the nearest public marina.

Delivery Details:

  • Gas Charges
    • Your boat leaves our marina with a full tank, centrally located at Carlin Bay Marina.
      • The customer is responsible for all gas used in their boat from our marina to delivery location and back to our Marina.
      • We fuel at the end of the rental and bill your account.
      • There is no additional service fee for us to fuel your boat but there will be a final fuel charge after every rental.
  • In every case we try to minimize your gas bill by decreasing distances of deliveries and pick ups.
    •  Though you should expect gas charges to include the distance from Carlin Bay Marina, With a high, regularity we are able to decrease the gas consumption through with on sight cleaning, nearest refueling and next rental delivery without returning to our Marina.


  • Working cell phone
  • Delivery Address, and/or  clear understanding of delivery location.
  • All rental accessories and life jacket sizes must be disclosed prior to us leaving port.
  • Predetermined Estimated Time of Arrival, and consistent communication of  updated ETA.

Keep in mind:

  • Our staff has an extremely good record of delivering early or on time.  However occasionally they may be delayed as a result of the previous renters tardiness, cleanliness or maintenance requirements – conditions beyond our control.
    • If there is a delay you should expect an updated ETA via cell text. Provide a working cell number at the time of booking.
  • To perform this service our staff often arrive before daylight and retire long after dark. Our mission statement is to safeguard and enhance your experience on Lake Coeur d Alene.  Honor them as they will honor you.

Conditions of kayak and paddle board delivery

  • Full or Multi-day rentals only
  • We reserve the right to refuse delivery if we are not traveling in your area that day.  This service only exists as a convenience created by our powerboat deliveries.

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