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Dock to Dock Delivery:

$45 Best Value on the Lake!

We arrive right at your private dock or a public space nearest to you,

Allow your family the convenience of Dock to Dock delivery!

Delivery Details:

  • $45 includes delivery and pickup. (waived for rentals of 3 days or more).
  • Your boat leaves our port with a full tank,
    • The customer is responsible for all gas of their boat from port to delivery location and back to port.
  • We have both a northern port and southern port.  In every case we try to minimize your gas bill by decreasing distances of deliveries and pick ups.
    •  Though you should expect gas charges to include the distance from Harrison, With a high, regularity we are able to decrease the bill through creative scheduling and the use of our northern port.


  • Working cell phone
  • Delivery Address, and/or  clear understanding of delivery location.
  • All rental accessories and life jacket sizes must be disclosed prior to us leaving port.
  • Predetermined Estimated Time of Arrival, and consistent communication of  updated ETA.

Keep in mind:

  • Your delivery staff maybe delayed as a result of the previous renters tardiness, cleanliness or maintenance requirements – conditions beyond our control.
    • We have an extremely prompt staff, if there is a delay you should expect an updated ETA via cell text. Provide a working cell number at the time of booking.
  • The staff member delivering to you must be retrieved and or dropped off.  The value of additional staff, secondary watercraft and gas consumption to perform this service far exceeds the fee to you the customer.
  • To perform this service our staff arrive often before daylight and retire long after dark. Our uniform mission statement is to safeguard and enhance your experience on Lake Coeur d Alene.  Honor them as they will honor you.


Kayak or Paddleboard Delivery

We travel all parts of the Lake Coeur d Alene each day delivering powerboats.  This allows us to provide a unique service in delivering kayaks and paddleboards.  However this service is only cost effective when coupled with other rental deliveries.  Therefore it is  conditional. We are happy to try to arrange deliveries within our existing schedule.

Conditions of kayak and paddleboard delivery

  • Full or Multi-day rentals only
  • Fee of $45
  • We reserve the right to refuse delivery if we are not traveling in your area that day.  This service only exists as a convenience created by our powerboat deliveries.

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