Fuel Policy

You are responsible for the gas your boat uses.

We Fuel, No Service Fees Attached


Your vacation time is valuable so we are happy to fuel your boat for you with no service fee attached. We fuel on the water, marina gas prices do apply. Expect a final fuel charge to your account

How Does Delivery Fuel Work:

Most of our rentals are delivery based to marinas or private docks around the lake.

  • It is required that you leave at least 1/4 tank in your boat to allow us enough fuel to return to port. Failure to do so may result in an inconvenience fee.
  • Your boat leaves our marina with a full tank, centrally located at Carlin Bay Marina.
    • The customer is responsible for all gas used in their boat from our marina to delivery location and back to our Marina.
    • We fuel at the end of the rental and bill your account.
    • There is no additional service fee for us to fuel your boat but there will be a final fuel charge after every rental.
  • In every case we try to minimize your gas bill by decreasing distances of deliveries and pick ups.
    •  Though you should expect gas charges to include the distance from Carlin Bay Marina, With a high, regularity we are able to decrease the gas consumption through with on sight cleaning, nearest refueling and next rental delivery without returning to our Marina.

What should I expect for a fuel bill?

Fuel is dependent on use, Unfortunately we are not able to provide an estimated cost. However you can use some of the ques below to help you monitor that expense.

    • Most of our Boats have a 50 gallon capacity
    • Consumption increases by the workload on the engine. Many factors increase the workload on the engine for example;
      • Weight in the boat, Speed, Towing and Run Time are all factors.
    • Gas on the lake averages $1.00 per gallon above street prices.
    • Most fuel gauges do not accurately determine the volume of the tank. The 3/4 of a tank more accurately depicts 2/3 of the tank, half tank will more closely indicate that 1/3rd is remaining.

Do I have enough fuel for a full day?

A typical daily rental does should not have to refuel during the day, however it is possible to run out of fuel in 8 hrs so we recommend that if your boat is below 1/2 tank to fuel up at a convenient marina.

What grade of gas is required?

Regular unleaded gas is acceptable

Multiday Rentals

You will likely have to refuel your boat during your rental, We will provide a map of marinas that provide gas.

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