Lake Coeur d' Alene Boat Rentals

Ski Boats

190 Deck Boat

190 Ski Boats190 Bayliner: 11 person, 19 foot, 150 hp outboard, Wake Tower, Bimini, Swim Deck


  • 2 Hr – $225 (Walk in only)
  • 4 Hr – $325
  • 8 Hr – $475
  • 1 day – $525 (Until 8am the following day)
  • Multiday – $427.50/Per day

195  Bayliner

20160519_051718-e1463761281576 Ski Boats195 Bayliner, 9 person, 19.5 feet, Wake Tower, Bimini, Swim deck, 220 hp


  • 2 Hr – $225 (Walk in only)
  • 4 Hr – $325
  • 8 Hr – $475
  • 1 day – $525 (Until 8am the following day)
  • Multiday – $427.50/Per day

215 Bayliner

215 Ski Boats215 Bayliner, 4.3 Liter, 190 HP 9 person Capacity, Wake tower, Bimini


  • 2 Hr – $225 (Walk in only)
  • 4 Hr – $325
  • 8 Hr – $475
  • 1 day – $525 (Until 8am the following day)
  • Multiday – $427.50/Per day

214 FS Monterey

IMG_4313-e1420069397457 Ski Boats214 FS Monteray: 5.0 Liter 225 Hp, 10 person, Wake Tower, Bimini, Swim Deck


  • 2 hour – $250 (walk in only)
  • 4 hour – $350
  • 8 hour – $500
  • 1 Day  – $550 (Until 8am the following day)
  • Multiday – $450 /Per Day

Preseason Sale Conditions

  • Reserve before May 1st
  • Pay in full before May 1st
  • Renter may change dates and type of vessel up to 7 days prior to the rental, dependent on availability.
  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Days may role over to the following year if rental is not used and canceled up to 7 days prior to the reserved dates

Conditions on Rental Time Slots

  • 2 Hour rentals = Walk in Only: May not be reserved in advance and are not subject to delivery.
  • 4 Hour rentals = Reserved time slots are  10 – 2pm or 2-6pm.  There is some flexibility depending on delivery schedules.  Day of rentals are permitted outside of these time slots.
  • 8 Hour rentals = Any available 8 hour period you choose during the day.
  • Multiple day rentals = This permits you to keep the boat overnight at a rate 10% cheaper then the 8 hour rental.  We will provide the boat no later than 10 am on the day the rental begins and require the return of the vessel at 6 pm on the final day of the rental.  Occasionally the boat may be provided earlier and returned later, depending on our rental schedule which is subject to change.


  • We rent towables inclusive of the rope and permit them behind our boats.
  • We do not permit more then one towable to be towed at the same time.
  • We do not permit towables behind our waverunners

Dog Friendly

  • $25 Cleaning fee automatically applies
  • Dogs are not permitted on the upholstery.


  • Harrison Idaho Water Adventures has coverage for their boats.
  • The customer has a $500 deductible for accidental damage.
  • The customer is fully liable for all damages if they operate the vessel outside of the rental agreement.  If our insurance decides that there was negligence they reserve the right to pursue the responsible party for damages.

Damages and Lost Time

  • Call at the first sign of damage or malfunction, most often we can repair damages quickly without incident.  Unattended malfunctions can cause serious damage and costs.
  • Damages billed may include but are not limited to:
    • cost of repairs
    • lost rental fees due to down time
    • cost of vessel recovery.
  • If the renter causes damages that result in lost time HIWA is not responsible for compensation.

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